Paradise on Earth

A collection of poems by David Morin

About Paradise on Earth

David MorinDavid Morin was born on St. Patrick's Day, in Takoradi Hospital, Ghana, West Africa on 17th March 1959. In 1993 he fainted and was diagnosed with leukaemia, suffered from a ruptured spleen and kidney failure and almost died as a result. David's coma lasted 3 weeks, but when he came round he had an epileptic fit, and suffered a brain injury as a result of lack of oxygen to the brain.

A long period of rehabilitation followed. His vision had become blurred, he couldn't walk, had to be bathed and toiletted and was to suffer from depression. In 1996 David was referred to Clackmannanshire Council's Education and Community Service for help with Adult Basic Education, in particular reading and writing. David was still lacking in confidence which he saw as a great problem.

Displaying amazing strength of character David slowly began to regain his reading and writing skills, and his confidence improved as a result. His poetry demonstrates his positive outlook on life, and the Paradise on Earth collection his love of nature and the natural world.

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